St Bernadette’s RC Primary, Farnborough

Children at St Bernadette’s have fully engaged with the Caritas Dragons Den type School Project and are extremely enthusiastic in their dedication to the chosen undertaking.

A meeting was organised between the Liturgy Team and the Rights, Respect & Responsibility Committee. The importance of being involved with a social action project which helps both the local community and also reflects their wish to show a practical expression of a Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy was explained. Several of the children were keen to help the Farnborough Foodbank (who they are familiar with as we do collect food for their collections during Harvest Festival). This was voted upon, and overwhelmingly chosen as their project: providing emergency food for local people in crisis.

The children wrote really heartfelt letters to Farnborough Foodbank; quotes included:

“I would like to help you because it is so important and it is worrying me that some families do not have enough food to eat. Please let me help you in anyway.”
Emma, age 9.

“I would like to help you help people who haven’t got enough food. Please come to visit our school so we can talk to you about how we can help.”
Brooke, age 6.

“We would like your advice because we care about other people on the Liturgy Team and RRR Committee, and we also have ideas about how we can help you.”
Raymond, age 10.

The school were delighted to welcome Mr Shea from Farnborough Foodbank after the Easter holidays, who came to talk to the children about what they do, how they help the local community and how the children of St Bernadette’s can help support those in need. There was a real sense during the afternoon that the children were learning not only how they can help, but just how easy it is for families in the local area to find themselves in need of assistance. They were told real life stories about how a loss of employment or a long hospital stay can suddenly throw families into crisis. A number of them were audibly shocked to hear that over 3000 local people received support from the charity last year. Also, how children are often at their most vulnerable during the school holidays, which is why Farnborough Foodbank endeavours to provide much needed assistance during these periods.

Currently the children are looking forward immersing themselves into this project, which include the following initiatives: organising a whole school charity day to collect the items that Farnborough Foodbank are short of (deodorants deodorant, shaving foam and other toiletries) growing our own fresh food in the school gardens to donate to the Foodbank; and visiting the warehouse where the food is stored to help make up the food parcels.